Many people go on artist’s websites or online galleries to download and print paintings, or even to haven them copied from other artists.


For us, our art is the only way of income, and we use all of our time, hard work and imagination to create these paintings for ourselves, but of course also for our customers. All paintings we offer to sell here are originals, they are not copied from anyone and are our own intellectual property.


By keeping people from copying our works, we protect our paintings for ourselves and for our customers, and we encourage other artists to do the same for themselves.


We love what we do and we hope you love it as well, and we would like to see more hard working and dedicated artists, like ourselves, being able to live off their art.


Most important, we can say with confidence that all of the paintings you can see and buy here are excellent and unique pieces of the finest quality.

Our visitors who agree to pay our membership fee, will surely see our work through different eyes, with much more detail and an open heart.


We have set up a membership system for our art shop that has benefits for us as artists, and for you as customers.  We artists will receive a fair compensation, based on the quality of our work and the effort we have put into it.  And our customers can be sure to buy quality work that is original and unique.


For collectors and anyone who is interested in art, do not miss out on our site. We are ready to welcome you to our exclusive art gallery, with authentic paintings and excellent service.

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