Worm & Oom in Koh Samui Our first customer

Koh Samui became a turning point for our business, but also for our art. We painted only Original from now on.

As you know already,

We didn´t have a lot of money and so we couldn´t afford to rent a shop. We had yet to understand the customers in Koh Samui and what they liked , So where should we start?




Together with a friend whom Oom had met on his long motorbike trip, we designed patterns and hand-printed them on T-Shirts with silk screen technique.


Oom was able to find a (very small) place in Maenam´s night market to sell our T-Shirts one Thursday night, which was not easy for us because we didn't know anything or anyone in Koh Samui. Two hours after all the other shops were set up and selling their products, Oom finally started to lay out our T-Shirts on Bamboo mats on the street. He didn't have a roof, hangers or electricity so our 'shop' was only lit from street lights and other shops. Now he had to wait.


Oom sat alone on the sidewalk, waiting for customers. One hour went by, and nobody looked at our shirts. With only 1.000 Baht (about 28 US$) in our pockets, he started to worry about where to sleep that night and what to eat the next day...

While waiting,


He had an idea.

During his motorbike journey he has made a landscape drawing in his sketch book, so he opened up his book and placed the drawing next to him, to fetch some attention. It didn't take long for his trick t work, only ten minutes after that a lady came walking up to him. She even stepped on our T-Shirts, all she had eyes for was the drawing. She asked to have a look at it.


Oom got excited but also nervous, as he couldn't speak any English and understand only very little, but he handed her the painting to see. As you can guess she liked the drawing a lot and asked for the price. Oom told he (with hand and feet) that it was not for sale, after all he was here to sell T-Shirts. The lady ended up buying two T-Shirts for 300 Baht, and then she asked him for the drawing again, and Oom agreed to sell it to her for 200 Baht. All of this took about 20 minutes, and while Oom and the lady were talking, more people got interested in the T-Shirts, and he managed to sell more of them. He went home with 2.800 Baht that night.

Being an artist, after having sold his first painting in Koh Samui, of course Oom wanted to repeat this 🙂

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